Education at Ocean Academy Poole

Ocean Academy Poole is a highly successful school with:

  • A relevant, engaging and applied curriculum – a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, but also a broad coverage of other subjects taught within an aspirations framework. Literacy and numeracy are taught both discretely and through an integrated programme each day. The three Guiding Principles are embedded in teaching and learning through a specific daily Aspirations learning session.
  • Assessment and target setting – each student needs to be tested regularly in literacy and numeracy in order to develop a My Aspirations Action Plan (MAAP) of challenge and support for each child.
  • High quality teaching and learning – all teachers are expected to work towards being outstanding
  • practitioners.
  • High standards, high expectations, high aspirations – appearance, behaviour and attitudes are expected to be high quality in an Aspirations Academy.
  • Achievement – Ocean Academy Poole works towards high levels of achievement and going beyond expectations.
  • Aspirations culture – the three Guiding Principles are alive in the culture of Ocean Academy Poole.