Pastoral support at Ocean Academy

Pastoral Support and Advice at Ocean Academy


Mrs Simpson is our Pastoral Care Leader and her role is to support parents and families to positively face any challenges that may come their way.  She is in school every day and can offer advice, a listening ear or arrange professional support where necessary.  Mrs Simpson will periodically add relevant links, advice and outside agency connections to the newsletter and website and we hope they will be a useful reference.

Dear All

School is regularly sent website links from the borough/government drawing people's attention to different support that we can all access.

The links raise awareness to issues that people find difficult to talk about and or find difficult to know where to get support.

Below is a link for raising awareness of coercive and controlling behaviour in relationships coercive-behaviour/

The information is clear, concise and with video clips to help us understand this behaviour and where we can get help.  Please take a minute to look and spread the word if you are concerned  about yourself or your nearest and dearest.  Another useful link is to the 

Poole Family Information Directory and the website is filled with advice and parent information.


Mrs Simpson